Helping QVC redefine mobile commerce

Product Strategy / UX Design / UI Design

While exploring the past and present dynamics of the retail industry during my independent study, I identified an opportunity for QVC to introduce itself to a new shopper. So, I spent 15 weeks figuring out how this pioneer brand can fit perfectly into the back pocket of Generation Z shoppers.

Imagine what QVC might look like if it were created for Generation Z shoppers.

Integrate QVC’s brand DNA with modern technology to redefine how people shop from their phones.

A mobile commerce platform that inspires new product discovery and real-time shopper interaction.



Once the original disruptor of the retail industry, QVC is a brand at risk.

Cable TV is dying.
This year, the number of cord-cutters in the U.S. will climb 32.8% to over 33.0 million adults. QVC’s viewer base is shrinking.

QVC primarily sells to one shopper.
QVC’s core shopper is female, affluent and between the ages of 35 and 64. The brand feels dated and doesn’t appeal to shoppers outside this demographic.

Other brands are stealing QVC’s playbook.
Retail brands are already rolling out QVC-style content on modern platforms like Amazon and Instagram. Unlike QVC, they are successfully selling to younger shoppers.



What if QVC was built for Generation Z shoppers?

Generation Z represents a unique challenge for retailers because of their digital prowess and conservative spending habits. As online shoppers, they search for…

Proof of quality and value.
“I get super nervous because I like to have like 8 million tabs open to make sure I’m getting the best deal.”
How might QVC help customers feel confident in their purchase quickly?

Something unexpected.
“I love seeing the wild trends that are out there and I’m not afraid to try something new and different if I’m excited about it.”
How might QVC encourage shoppers to leave their comfort zone?

An unobtrusive experience.
“I want to be able to shop on my terms, from anywhere. And I never forget when I have a bad customer service experience.”
⟶ How might QVC create an experience that fits seamlessly into shopper’s lives?

A way to interact.
“If i can’t go shopping in person, I need a way to get my questions answered. If I can’t, I’m probably not going to buy anything.”
How might QVC give shoppers an easy way to interact in real-time?



QVC Now: A mobile commerce platform that inspires new product discovery and real-time interaction.

QVC Now believes nothing should get in the way of you and your next obsession.

Brand Behaviors:

Find The Fun
Shopping should be something you look forward to, not a chore. We find the fun by taking risks, telling stories and not taking ourselves too seriously. 

Remove Friction
We facilitate a seamless experience from the moment you tune in, to the moment a product arrives on your doorstep and beyond.

Exceed Expectations
Shopping is more than a transaction, it’s a conversation. Let’s talk! We want to get to get to know you, not your credit card. 

Design Principles:

Curation over aggregation
Get to know shoppers and show them things they’ll love. Don’t make them do all the legwork.

Engagement over observation
Motivate shoppers to engage with products, hosts and each other.

Inquiry over knowledge
Don’t tell shoppers what they expect to hear, tell them what they want to know.

Story over script
Never stop learning how to better serve and communicate with shoppers

Engagement over observation
Motivate shoppers to engage with products, hosts and each other.




First-time QVC Now shoppers are prompted to fill out the You Right Now® onboarding inventory to tailor the experience to their individual preferences.


See The Annotated Flow



When brands they follow go live, shoppers can enter the Shopstream®– a live product story. They can interact with QVC Now Hosts and other shoppers in real-time to learn more about the featured product.


See The Annotated Flow


Shopper Feedback

After the Shopstream® concludes, QVC Now asks shoppers for feedback to better tailor the next experience to a shopper’s ever-changing preferences.


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QVC Now Hub

1. Shopper Profile
Update your app preferences and edit your account and payment information.

2. Upcoming Shopstreams
See what products will be featured next on the Shopstream®.

3. Personalized Recommendations
Explore preference-based product recommendations for you.

4. Shopstreaming History
Browse your streaming history and purchase products you missed.

5. The Shopstream®
Watch live product stories and interact with QVC Now hosts and other shoppers in real-time.

6. Shopping Cart
Purchase products with ease without leaving the QVC Now app.

7. Current Deals
Explore an ever-changing list of discounted products.


How did I make it?

With tons of stakeholder interviews, some empathy mapping
and way too many hours watching QVC


Joelle Halle, Experience Designer


Business Research
Learn as much as you can, as quickly as you can, from as many people as you can. Then trust yourself.

User Research
Try not to get stuck in the context-gathering stage. Determine your hunches early and use design to prove or disprove them.

Product Strategy
Distill the aspirational experience you’re trying to create as much as possible. Trim the fat and find the edges.